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Best Bridal mehandi artist


We offer many styles of Bridal packs that includes graphics style, typical bohra style and other regional styles.


Best Bridal mehandi artist


This style significantly offers floral arabic and thick typical arabic designs whose concept is derived from Arab countries.

Best Bridal mehandi artist


Mehandi pattern of India correspond to the birds and tropical plants. Designs consist of delicate paisleys, lace-like tracery, peacocks, mangoes, leaves, hearts, and faces.

Best Bridal mehandi artist


Nowadays, colored mehandi and tattoos are attracting many people across the country. It matches perfectly with the dress for the occasion and remains intact for 24 hrs.

Sonu Mehandi Art


Bridal mehandi artist in Delhi

Sonu Mehandi Art is a specialist and experienced Mehandi craftsman New Delhi. We practice marriage and wedding mehandi craftsman for any excursion and gathering. He has been a specialist Sonu Mehandi Artist for over and is right now his full time employment. Mehandi is viewed as obligatory in a wedding party in Indian and wedding is regularly given to be fragmented without mehandi in your grasp. Best marriage mehandi designs mirror the merriment in the wedding reremony and the same is painstakingly decided to attractiveness the labor of the Bride with her sisters and companions. His style is a converging of Arabic and Indian arrangements as He is influenced by both of their individual social expressions. He really welcomes the strength of mehandi as it has been around for a substantial number of years, and to continue such an old gem is acknowledge is an advantage to be a bit of something which He is greatly happy for.

Best mehandi artist in Delhi

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